The Clean Clone Company

Santé Botanica is creating the largest licensed cannabis Tissue Culture lab and nursery operation in California. Our scientific approach allows us to produce large volumes of high-quality clones for cultivators state-wide.


Sante Botanica Tissue Culture Cannabis Clones

Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture is the process of growing healthy clones of plants in test tubes.

Ditch your mother room and cloning bay and use that space to increase your flower production. Our commercial micropropagation laboratory uses the power of exponential multiplication to produce more clones in a smaller space.

Let us do the cloning so you can focus on flower.

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Genetic Clean-Up

Mommy Issues?™

Our genetic clean up services restore your plants to their optimal health, eliminating viruses and pathogens, restoring the plants seed-like juvenility, and returning the original characteristics to the plant.

It’s your favorite strain rebooted.


Sante Botanica Cryo Storage Preservation Cannabis Clones

Cryo-Storage Preservation

Keeping mother plants around as a way of keeping your favorite strains around is costly and inefficient. With cryopreservation, we can store tissue samples of your plants that can later be used to start the tissue culture cloning process.


Sante Botanica Genetic Library Cannabis Clones

Genetic Library

Our internal bank of genetics provides variety to our customers allowing them to stay on top of the current trends as well as bring back the classics.